About the e-PASS Assessment

About the e-PASS 

The Online Psychological Assessment (e-PASS) is an optional aspect of the Mental Health Online website designed to screen for a range of psychological conditions including anxiety, depression, panic and substance use disorders. The e-PASS has been developed through expert consensus and questions are based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fourth Edition - Text Revision) (DSM-IV-TR).

The e-PASS is a self-assessment which asks questions about mental health and lifestyle factors and based on your responses, provides a summary of the symptoms you may be experiencing as well as suggestions for which Mental Health Online programs may be helpful. If the e-PASS determines that you would benefit from supports beyond the Self Help and Therapist Assisted Programs offered by Mental Health Online, it will provide alternate suggestions.

The e-PASS can take between 25-60 minutes to complete and must be finished in one sitting. Any progress will be lost if you exit the page before finishing all questions.

As a self-assessment, the e-PASS is not diagnostic and is not intended as a substitute for a clinical assessment provided by a mental health professional. If, at any time, you believe the assessment does not meet or address your needs or raises concerns about your overall health, you are advised to seek the services of a qualified health care professional.

Please note the information collected by the e-PASS includes personal information such as your medical and mental health history and after completion is classed as health data. Health data is required by Commonwealth Law to be stored securely and retained for a period of 7 years before being destroyed. For more information about what data we collect, why we collect it, how we store data and how you can access it, please see the Privacy Statement on our website.

Last Updated : 22-Dec-2021