Health Professional Access to Programs

Mental Health Online offers Health Professionals (such as medical practitioners, psychologists, counsellors or other health/mental health workers) free access to our eTherapy programs.

Our programs are evidence-based and provide a comprehensive introduction to the skills and strategies used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for a range of mental health issues.

As a Health Professional you may wish to use these resources to:
  • Support your understanding and delivery of structured CBT to clients
  • Promote as a resource to clients with a mental health concern
  • Using content, worksheets or activities from MHO programs to augment your existing practice e.g. homework, psychoeducation
  • Refer clients for support while waiting to access a service or upon discharge from a service - the Therapist Assisted programs can be very useful here

We encourage Health Professionals to explore the resources to understand how they can best be used to support your clients.
Health Professionals have the same access to view programs as someone who has signed up to complete a program. A feature of your account is the ability to change programs (from GAD Online to Depression Online for example) to suit the range of presenting issues you may encounter in your practice.

To access our programs, please complete the details below to register for an account. If you have any questions please send us a message at