About the Panic Stop Program

The Panic STOP! Program
contains a range of resources designed to help you manage panic and agoraphobia. You will increase your understanding of panic attacks and panic disorder and learn the skills and strategies useful for managing panic.


This course is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and has been developed by psychologists and researchers from the National eTherapy Centre.


What to Expect?


The Panic STOP! program has 12 modules that you can do in your own time and have access to for 12 months.


It provides information about Panic Disorder, with or without agoraphobia, and introduces skills and strategies that can help you to:


·         Identify the symptoms of Panic Disorder

·         Self-monitor your specific panic symptoms and mood

·         Gain control of physical reactions

·         Learn how to cope with, and reduce panic attacks

·         Learn relaxation techniques

·         Make lifestyle changes to improve your wellbeing


How do I use the Panic STOP! program?


You can enrol in the Panic STOP! program after signing up for an account with Mental Health Online.


You can work through the Panic STOP! program yourself, in your own time. We recommend coming back to the course once a week to work through the activities.


You can also choose to sign up to one of our free therapist support options to access 12 weeks of support from our therapists while you use the course. Choose from:


·         Email support

·         Video + email

·         Live chat + email


Is this course right for me?


The Panic STOP! program may be most helpful for people who experience mild to moderate panic symptoms (with or without agoraphobia). You might also find Panic STOP! useful if you don’t have a diagnosis of panic disorder but experience difficulties with managing panic. It has been created for people who are:


·         Over the age of 18 years

·         Australian residents


You can also complete our online mental health assessment called the e-PASS which will make recommendations about the program that might be right for you.


If you experience severe depression symptoms alongside panic you may like to talk to your GP or mental health professional about whether the Panic STOP! program is right for you.


If you are currently suicidal, are in crisis, or are in need of immediate help please contact one of the services listed here.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about if this is right for you, contact our Clinic Manager at contactmho@swin.edu.au



How do I get started?


Making changes to support our mental health can be challenging and it takes time. We recommend putting aside a few hours each week to read about and work on the skills in the Panic STOP! program.


To get started sign up here.

Last Updated : 03-Jan-2020