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Share your views on options to communicate with a therapist in an online service: usefulness of using an avatar

Seeking participants for an online survey about using avatars in e-therapy!

Mental Health Online (National eTherapy Centre, Swinburne University of Technology) is investigating new ways to help people access and engage with online therapies, such as those offered through Mental Health Online. Mental Health Online currently offers clients the ability to communicate with an e-therapist through e-mail and video functions, but is always looking for new ways to help people help people access and engage with online therapies.

We are currently researching people’s attitudes to using “avatars” as a way of communicating with an e-therapist in an internet-based mental health clinic (i.e., “virtual clinic”). You might be familiar with using avatars to represent yourself in online and video games, for example. This kind of technology could be another way of helping people to participate in online therapy.

We are seeking participants to complete an anonymous 30-minute online questionnaire which asks about your opinions of, and interest in, using avatars in an internet-based mental health clinic.

Who can participate?

We would like to hear a wide range of opinions on using this technology for online therapy, so you do not need to be experiencing any mental health difficulties to take part. You also do not need to be receiving services from Mental Health Online in order to take part.

To be eligible to participate in this research, you will need to be living in Australia and be aged 18 years and over

For more information and to complete the questionnaire please go to this link:

You can also contact the Mental Health Online team for more information on

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Last Updated : 11-Feb-2016