Anxiety Resources

We offer free and evidence-based programs to help with generalised anxiety, social anxiety, and panic.


Click here to register for free and immediate access to one of our programs. Once in a program, you can also sign-up for free therapist assistance by email, chat, or video.



If you want to try something else, you can explore other programs here:


A fully automated self-help online program providing information about emotional problems (including anxiety disorders) and teaching strategies to improve mood and emotional state

Anxiety and Stress Management Service of Australia

Information about anxiety disorders, and a DVD anxiety recovery program

Online Anxiety Prevention Project Program, University of Queensland

Online project

This Way Up Clinic

Clinician-assisted internet-based treatment for people with anxiety, social phobia or panic disorder


Information about high quality online information and self-help programs from Australia's leading mental health organisations

See table below for information about anxiety resources specific to regions across Australia. 



Information and a specialist counselling service for people experiencing anxiety disorders

Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria (ADAVIC)

Support groups, courses, workshops and lectures

Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria (ARCVic)

Telephone helplines, recovery programs, support groups and seminars

Swinburne Psychology Clinic

Individual treatment of anxiety disorders and group treatment for SAD and OCD

New South Wales

Anxiety Disorders Clinic

Online and face-to-face (at St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney) treatment for adults with anxiety disorders

Western Australia

Anxiety Self-help Association (ASHA)

Information and support groups

South Australia

The Panic Room SA

Professional assistance and peer support for anxiety and panic, including support groups, workshops and a Facebook forum


Last Updated : 02-Aug-2018