Privacy Policy Statement

We Value Your Privacy

Swinburne University of Technology (Swinburne) through the National eTherapy Centre (NeTC) acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals. We advise that much of the information that you may have provided, or may be asked to provide, to the NeTC is 'personal information'. As a general rule, personal information is not released by the NeTC to other organisations, except in response to legal requirements such as a subpoena. Information regarding an individual will not otherwise be disclosed to a third party without the individual's consent, except where the third party is directly acting as our agent. 

Why Do We Collect Your Information

This information is collected for the purposes of assisting the NeTC to provide the services available on the NeTC and Mental Health Online website. However, the information collected may also be used for the following purposes:

Professional Purposes

Where information is used for professional purposes, it may only be communicated to persons legitimately concerned with your case within the NeTC. Confidential information will only be disclosed in these circumstances where:
  • your identity is concealed;
  • your consent to the disclosure is obtained before Payment for the Therapist Assisted Program;
  • the recipient of the information has been given prior notice of their privacy obligations in relation to the information; and,
  • the recipient of the information has given an undertaking not to disclose the information to others. 


Where information is used for the purposes of research and publication strict adherence will be had to the Policy on the Conduct of Research. If used for research and publication purposes, your information will not contain material capable of identifying you. If you choose to discontinue your participation, the data you have provided thus far may be retained for research purposes.

How Do We Collect Your Information


The NeTC will collect information from you when you register for its services online. The provision of this personal information is voluntary but if information is not provided, the NeTC may be limited in the assistance otherwise able to be provided where a fuller disclosure of personal information is provided. 

Online Psychological Assessment (e-PASS) System

When you undertake e-PASS, your response to the questions provided will be recorded for assessment and results, service evaluation, as well as for reference by eTherapists if you choose to engage in the Therapist Assisted Program.


If you choose to use the e-PASS system, the information you provide may be used to evaluate the services provided on the Mental Health Online website. Any information collected and analysed therefore could be used when reporting back on the progress of Mental Health Online to our funding body and also for research purposes (e.g., publications). All your data will be analysed in a de-identifiable form and any reporting of the results will not be capable of identifying you.

You may be further invited to participate in other related research, including the testing of the reliability, validity and user experience of e-PASS. For further details relating to validation of the e-PASS system please refer to the Policy on the Conduct of Research.

For more information about how we collect, store and use your information, please refer to our Privacy Policy Statement.

Ongoing Evaluation

Beyond the research mentioned above, information is collected for the ongoing evaluation and improvement of the services on the Anxiety Online website.

Self Help Program

If you choose to undertake the Self Help Program, you will be required to complete a post-treatment assessment and invited to complete subsequent follow-up assessments. Records of this correspondence will be kept by the NeTC electronically. Again the disclosure of personal information will be at your discretion.

Therapist Assisted Program

If you choose to undertake the Therapist Assisted Program you will be required to correspond via email through the Mental Health Online website with an eTherapist and complete a post-treatment assessment. You will also be invited to complete subsequent follow-up e-PASS assessments. Records of this correspondence will be kept by the NeTC both electronically and in hard copy. Again the disclosure of personal information will be at your discretion, but the greater disclosure you can provide, the more assistance the eTherapists can provide to you.

Exit Survey

If you withdraw during the Self Help or Therapist Assisted Programs, an automated questionnaire will be sent to your nominated email account asking you about why you withdrew. Completing this questionnaire is entirely voluntary. 


The Mental Health Online website has extensive security features and may temporarily install "cookies" on your computer. These cookies communicate to secure the NeTC servers to authenticate access to the website. The cookies do not collect any information about you, or how you are using your computer and only serve to ensure that you have identified yourself with the correct username and password.


Any personal information that the NeTC collects is held with the strictest confidence. The NeTC uses and implements professional and industry standards for the security and protection of information collected, and this information is securely stored and access is restricted to authorised personnel of the NeTC only, ensuring that your personal information is protected and safeguarded. Information the NeTC collects is used only for the purpose stipulated at the time that the information is collected. The NeTC is required by law not to reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or pass on to any third parties, any personal information that you may have provided to us unless we have your express consent to do so.

Exceptions to this include:
  • Where the NeTC is required to provide information in response to Subpoenas or Warrants or other legal process.

Access to Your Information

You have a right of access to, and alteration of personal information concerning yourself held by the NeTC, in accordance with Government Legislation.


Privacy Policy

Swinburne has a Privacy Policy on the Swinburne Policies and Procedures Database, which outlines the ways in which Swinburne intends to meet its privacy commitments and details the procedures for making complaints under the Act.
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