Step 4. Follow up

After your period of access to a Mental Health Online program ends you will be asked to complete an online assessment.

Follow-UpThese assessments are very important even if you haven’t finished the program because:

  • You can monitor your health and track any progress or change that has occurred
  • They enable us to evaluate our service and ensure we improve it based on the feedback and experiences of people with mental health difficulties
  • You can access a program again if we offer a program for the symptoms you report


For our publicly available treatment programs the follow-up assessments include:

  • Our online psychological assessment (e-PASS)
  • A program satisfaction questionnaire


You will also be invited to complete e-PASS again on an annual basis for a period of five years after completion of a program.


For our research trials, the assessments you’re asked to complete enable us to obtain evidence about the effectiveness of the online treatment, which help us eventually make the programs publicly available. The assessments included in the trial are outlined in the participant information statement for the particular research trial.

Last Updated : 23-Sep-2013