Self-help or therapist-assisted treatment


A self-help program will be recommended if you are identified as having
mild mental health difficulties, or you live outside of Australia. Starting a self help program is free.

You can work through the modules and practise the exercises without the support of an eTherapist. 

Online Treatment

Therapist assisted

A free therapist-assisted program is available if you are an Australian resident. It will be recommended if you are identified as having moderate to severe mental health difficulties.

In a therapist-assisted program, you will be assigned an eTherapist who will monitor your progress, answer your questions and provide you with support via email. You will receive an email from your eTherapist weekly, however, you can email your eTherapist as many times as you like during the program.

Please note that our therapist-assisted programs do not include real time communication with you. Your eTherapist will only email you once a week.

All of our eTherapists have completed eTherapy training and have at minimum, provisional registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. eTherapists have to follow strict guidelines regarding confidentiality and duty of care. If your eTherapist believes that you or another person is at risk of harm, they may need to contact you by telephone to make an assessment. Your eTherapist will attempt to refer you and/or others to appropriate services if risk of harm is established. 

Last Updated : 27-Mar-2018