Mental Health Online DevelopmentContributors

Prof Mike Kyrios, Dr Jo Abbott, Claire Young, David Shields, Dr Klaire Wallace, Dr Neil Thomas, Prof Britt Klein, Assoc Prof David Austin, Andrew Smith

Mental Health Online Funding Recipients:
Prof Mike Kyrios, Prof Britt Klein, Assoc Prof David Austin

Mental Health Online Funding Partner:
Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Research Trial Funding Partners:

Barbara Dicker Brain Sciences Foundation, beyondblue, National Health and Medical Research Centre, The BROAD Foundation

Mental Health Online Information, Treatment and eTraining Program Development:
Dr Jo Abbott (Health Psychologist), A/Prof David Austin (Psychologist), Dr Lisa Ciechomski (Psychologist), Prof Britt Klein (Clinical Psychologist), Prof Mike Kyrios (Clinical Psychologist), Sue Lauder (Psychologist), Dr Joanna Mitchell (Clinical Psychologist), Dr Richard Moulding (Clinical Psychologist), Dr Maja Nedeljkovic (Clinical Psychologist), David Nguyen (Provisional Psychologist), Eric O (Multimedia Developer), Kerrie Shandley (Psychologist), Dr Ben Williams (PhD in psychology), Belinda Williamson (Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration and Management, general nursing training), Krystina Witt (while on multimedia student placement)

Bulimia Online Program Development:
Dr Jacqueline Baulch (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology), Prof Britt Klein (Clinical Psychologist), Dr Lisa Ciechomski (Psychologist), Assoc Prof David Austin, Dr Jo Abbott (Health Psychologist)   

Depression Online Program Development:
Gabriel Notarriani (Clinical Psychologist), Prof Mike Kyrios (Clinical Psychologist), Dr Jo Abbott (Health Psychologist), Dr Lisa Ciechomski (Psychologist)

e-PASS Development:
Prof Britt Klein (Clinical Psychologist) and David Nguyen (Provisional Psychologist, Clinical Psychology PhD student)

National eTherapy Centre Executive Committee: Prof Mike Kyrios (Chair, Director of Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre, Clinical Psychologist), Dr Sunil Bhar (Clinical Psychologist), Grace Sanna (Manager, Faculty of Life & Social Sciences), Prof Leon Sterling (Dean, Faculty of Information & Communication Technologies), Dr Neil Thomas (Clinical Psychologist), Derek Whitehead (Project Office Manager, Information Technology Services)

National eTherapy Centre Quality Assurance Committee: Dr Klaire Wallace (Chair, NeTC Clinical Manager, Clinical Psychologist), Dr Jo Abbott (NeTC Content Coordinator, Health Psychologist), Assoc Prof Roger Cook (Director, Swinburne Psychology Clinic, Counselling and Clinical Psychologist), Michelle Graeber (consumer advocate, CEO of Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria), Prof Mike Kyrios (Director, Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre, Clinical Psychologist), Assoc Prof Denny Meyer (statistician, Deputy Head, Psychological Sciences & Statistics), Dr Maja Nedeljkovic (Clinical Psychologist, coordinator of external placements in counselling and clinical psychology), Claire Young (NeTC IT Manager)

National eTherapy Centre - IT Management Committee: Claire Young (Chair, NeTC IT Manager), Alan Coleman (Senior Lecturer,  Faculty of Information & Communication Technologies), David Shields (Business Improvement Manager, Faculty of Life & Social Sciences),Dr Neil Thomas (Clinical Psychologist), Dr Klaire Wallace (NeTC Clinical Manager), Derek Whitehead (Project Office Manager, Information Technology Services)

Quality assurance (psychological content) external expert reviewers:

  • Professor Gerhard Andersson, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Link√∂ping University, Sweden
  • Professor Justin Kenardy, Professor in Clinical Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Dr Sonja March, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mayne Medical School, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Dr Clare Rees, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology - Clinical, Curtain University of Technology, Australia
  • A/Prof Nick Titov, Associate Professor, Centre of Emotional Health, Macquarie University, Australia
  • Dr Helena Schutz, Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne, Australia

Mental Health Online Solution Design and Development:
Triforce Australia, Vastpark Pty Ltd

Prof Britt Klein and Assoc. Prof David Austin for their work in the conceptualisation and development of Anxiety Online.

Content development
Content on our website is initially developed by trained content writers with psychology and content writing skills. Content is reviewed on an annual basis by our Content Coordinator. Major content changes (e.g. a new program) are reviewed by an internal and external expert in the content area and approved by NeTC Quality Assurrance Committee. Medium changes (e.g. rewriting of a section within a program) are approved by NeTC Quality Assurance Committee. Minor changes (e.g. updating website links referred to within a program) are approved by NeTC Content Coordinator.

Consumer feedback
All our programs undergo consumer usability testing prior to public release. We also have a consumer representative on our NeTC Quality Assurance Committee. Consumers can also provide feedback at any time by emailing or writing to NeTC Clinical Manager, National eTherapy Centre, Swinburne University of Technology, H99, PO Box 218, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122. From time-to-time we invite consumers to provide additional feedback.

Last Updated : 23-Sep-2013