Who gets GAD?

GAD often develops in childhood or adolescence, but may also begin in adulthood.

It often begins after a stressful life event (such as losing a loved one or being bullied); although not everyone who experiences stressful events will develop GAD.

Most people who develop GAD say they tended to be “worriers” prior to the onset of the disorder. They may have had a tendency to be overly concerned about how things would turn out (e.g. at school or in relationships) and how they would cope.

There may also be biological, social, environmental and cultural influences on the development of symptoms.

GAD is experienced by 2.7% of Australian adults over a 12-month period (almost 3 in 100).

More women (3.5%) than men (2.0%) experience GAD.

Last Updated : 10-Sep-2013