Mental health

Mental Health


Most people have reasonably good mental health most of the time. However, when we face difficult challenges or major stressful life events occur, we may all experience some degree of poor mental health.


When we experience mental health difficulties, it becomes hard to function. We may have difficulty concentrating, making decisions or sleeping. 


When these difficulties are not severe, support from friends and family, along with useful self-help strategies, can help to restore our wellbeing.


However, at a more severe level, poor mental health can develop into a diagnosable mental health disorder. As a result, people will often need professional help to recover from or manage their condition.


Mental Health Disorders


Mental health difficulties can become a mental health disorder when they create significant problems. Significant problems include:


- Experiencing several symptoms of a particular mental health condition, not just one or two


- Experiencing the symptoms over a long period of time and/or on most days


- Feeling distressed by the symptoms


- Feeling that recent events (such as moving house or breaking up with a partner) don’t easily account for your symptoms and distress.


- Finding it difficult to do daily activities, such as driving, cooking, working, studying, or social activities


Help Is Available


Our free, self-help and therapist-assisted treatment programs are designed to help you overcome mental health difficulties related to:

- generalised anxiety disorder

- depression

- social anxiety disorder

- obsessive compulsive disorder,

- post-traumatic stress disorder

- panic disorder, with or without agoraphobia.

Even if you only have some symptoms of a mental health disorder, our programs can help you prevent your difficulties from getting worse and developing into a diagnosable disorder.


If you’re not sure what might be going on for you, our free online self-assessment, e-PASS, will help you assess your symptoms and recommend what next steps to take.


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Last Updated : 22-Dec-2021